May 30, 2024

Standing leg raises or lying down leg raises – what is better ?

Leg raises are considered a great way to burn belly fat which also tones up your lower body. It can be practiced standing as well as lying down as prescribed by your trainer.

However, now the question arises that which position gives better advantage?

After all, if you’re working hard for something, you definitely want to do it in a better way so that your time, effort is put to good use and you see better results.

Exercises such as leg stretches, raises or extensions are more beneficial when done standing than lying down. In a lying position, you are on your back and your legs can be raised making a 90 degree angle to the ground. Since your back is being supported in this position, there is not much movement in your core.

Whereas on the other hand, when there is movement in the core as well, the rector spine is twisted and there is an impact on the waist.

By doing this exercise standing up, there are activities in many muscles. As the glutes are fully extended, the isometric quadriceps is contracted, the ankle joints are stabilized or balanced, and the hips are stressed. Along with this, the core muscles also get activated. That’s why, standing leg raises help to tone your body better and burn more fat.

While standing up to stretch or raise, your knees need to be locked so that the stretch starts with the hamstrings. If you have a back injury, you are advised not to bend forward or stretch while standing.

How to do standing leg raise ?

Here is a video which will clearly describe you about standing leg raise

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