June 17, 2024

Side effects of eating boiled eggs

Eggs are rich in nutritious elements and are tasty to eat. Eggs are quite beneficial for health. It is hot, due to which people like to eat them more in winter. It is also rich in protein. The nutrients and vitamins present in eggs protect the body from many diseases.

But do you know, excessive consumption of eggs can cause ample physical problems. So today, through this article I will discuss some side effects of eating boiled eggs.

Side effects of eating a boiled egg

1) People who eat the yellow part of boiled egg daily are at higher risk of heart disease because of the high amount of cholesterol found in the egg yolk which can harm heart health.

2) According to research, patients suffering from diabetes i.e. blood sugar should avoid eating the yellow part of the boiled egg because consuming the yellow part of the egg increases the risk of increasing the amount of sugar present in the blood and is harmful.

3) Saturated fat is also found in boiled eggs along with cholesterol, which can damage the liver, so continuous consumption or excessive consumption of boiled eggs is harmful to liver health.

4) Eggs are rich in protein. On the other hand, according to the doctor, an excessive amount of protein in the body can harm the kidney and can also increase the risk of kidney-related diseases.

5) According to research, if you consume boiled eggs daily, then processed food, vegetables like potatoes, corn, peas and beans are missed by the consumption of boiled eggs.

6) The harm of eating boiled eggs also includes allergies. Apart from this, patients suffering from blood pressure should also avoid consuming boiled eggs.


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