June 13, 2024

9 Side effects of getting angry

Excessive anger causes excessive stress on the mind which weakens the power of thinking and understanding of the person. Due to this, that person lags in comparison to other people.


1) Anger exposes the feeling of ego hidden inside the person. An angry person not only makes trouble for himself but also increases many problems for the people living around him. Anger causes the fast blood flow in the body which in turn gives rise to high BP and heart-related diseases.

2) Anger has a very negative effect on our minds, due to which we can become a victim of stress and depression. Due to this, instead of being happy, the person always remains sad and always tries to vent his frustration to others.

3) Research revealed that excessive anger weakens the power of the digestive system, due to which we may face a lot of problems in digesting food. People who are angrier and keep negative things in mind, their food gets digested after 4 to 5 hours as compared to others.

4) The consequences of anger in children may have more serious outcomes than in adults. Anger directly affects the physical development of overly angry children. Due to anger, children often remain irritable and their height does not increase systematically.

5) Being angry has a bad effect on our sleep. Getting enough sleep is extremely important for a healthy life. But due to excessive anger, stress comes into the cells of the brain which makes it very difficult to sleep peacefully.

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6) Excessive anger can cause a constant headache because anger increases the hormone cortisol in the brain which can cut off the supply to our brain and increase stress. Due to this, we may have a problem like headaches.

7) Anger can be very dangerous for people who have the problem of high blood pressure. Their blood pressure increases due to anger which has a bad effect on both our body and mind and it can cause diseases like paralysis in the future.

8) Apart from this, when a person gets angry, he loses his temper and tries to do mental and physical harm to himself and others.

9) Excessive anger affects our decision-making ability. Due to anger, a person sometimes takes wrong decisions and then feels regret later.


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