February 20, 2024

Why should we not eat rice at night? | Side effects of eating rice at night

Rice is a grain obtained from the seeds of paddy. Rice is used to make a variety of dishes which are extremely tasty to eat.

There are many types of rice, which is beneficial for health, but many people question whether rice should be eaten at night or not, otherwise, let us tell you that eating rice at night is harmful.


Consuming rice for a long time at night causes many health problems, the detailed information of which is given below –

Flavor of rice

Rice has a cooling effect, which is used less in cold regions and more in hot regions.

Right way to eat rice

Rice should always be boiled and eaten hot, eating raw i.e uncooked rice and fried rice is injurious to health, so avoid them. Many dieticians believe that it is appropriate for the body to take about 250 carbs in a day, which can also be achieved by eating rice apart from other grains. Consuming stale rice is also harmful for health, so always eat rice only after heating it.

Harms of eating Rice at night

1) Too much Carbs

Eating rice at night is harmful because a lot of carbohydrates are found in rice, which the body does not need at night. Carbohydrates are not digested in the body at night, due to which the metabolism becomes unbalanced and it causes many problems. Apart from this, people who are dieting should not consume rice at night at all.

2) Constipation

Constipation and indigestion problem can arise by eating rice at night, the effect of rice is cold, so eating it at night can cause constipation and dyspepsia. Apart from this, gas patients should also not consume rice at night, it increases the gas more. Which causes stomach pain.

3) Causes problem of cold and cough

Eating rice at night can cause cold, cold and cough, avoid eating rice at night in cold weather because rice is cold which further aggravates the problem of cold, cold and cough. Such people should not consume rice at night, who are very sensitive to cold, rice has more effect on such people.

4) Increases belly fat

Eating rice at night is harmful for people suffering from obesity problem, rice at night increases belly fat, which increases obesity. Therefore, people who have obesity problems should avoid eating rice at night.

5) Harmful to eat during fever

Eating rice at night is harmful in fever, cold foods should be avoided in fever, which includes rice. Eating rice at night can aggravate the problem of fever, so avoid consuming rice in fever.

Through this post, you have come to know that what are the disadvantages of eating rice at night. So this is my advice that you should not eat rice at night and keep your body healthy.

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