April 14, 2024

Coffee : Health benefits, Side effects and precautions

Coffee is considered the best hot drink in winters and coffee helps to invigorate. Coffee is rich in caffeine, anti-oxidants, manganese, potassium and magnesium which helps in reducing Kapha and Vata, keeping the heart healthy. Many people start their day with a cup of hot coffee.

Drinking coffee not only gives taste but also freshness. Brazil is the largest producer of coffee in the world. Coffee is grown in India in three regions. Traditional production of coffee is done in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Benefits of drinking Coffee

The amazing benefits of coffee are :

1) Lose weight

Caffeine found in coffee reduces fat by reducing fat from our body which helps in reducing obesity. After drinking coffee, the appetite decreases, which reduces the craving for food, so people who want to reduce obesity and weight, those people should start consuming coffee in their daily life.

2) Increase energy

Coffee consumption is very beneficial to reduce work pressure and fatigue. After drinking coffee, energy is provided which helps in reducing our fatigue. According to a research, 400 mg of caffeine can improve our stamina.

3) Beneficial for heart diseases

Coffee consumption is very beneficial for heart disease. According to a research, people who drink coffee daily have a lower risk of heart attack.

4) Headache Relief

The caffeine found in coffee helps in reducing pain. It works like a pain killer medicine for pain. Coffee consumption is beneficial for headache and migraine patients.

5) Relief in swelling of the eyes

Due to lack of proper sleep, swelling occurs under the eyes. Along with this, if the problem of pain in the eyes also persists, then take a cup of coffee. The blood circulation remains fine by the consumption of coffee, which helps in reducing our swelling and pain.

6) Beauty Skin

Some such properties are found in coffee which helps in cleaning our dead skin from inside. Massaging the face with olive oil mixed with coffee powder brings glow to the face.

7) Preventing Skin Cancer

Coffee has been considered the best hot drink to reduce the risk of skin cancer. Diseases like cancer can be avoided by consuming coffee.

8) Increase Stamina

Coffee has some such properties which are helpful in increasing stamina in our body. Those people who do very heavy work, those people should consume coffee daily as it helps in increasing stamina.

Side Effects of drinking Coffee

1) Sleeplessness

Excessive consumption of coffee can lead to sleeplessness. Caffeine found in coffee makes the brain healthy, which prevents sleepiness. Due to lack of sleep, there is irritability in nature and dizziness also starts.

2) Feeling nervous

Caffeine found in coffee is very effective in concentrating, but due to its excessive consumption, a person has to face problems like nervousness.

3) Increasing Cholesterol Level

Drinking coffee in excess can increase cholesterol which can increase obesity and heart diseases. People with high cholesterol should reduce their consumption of coffee.

4) Weakness in bones

Excessive consumption of coffee is harmful for bones. Excessive consumption of coffee can inhibit the absorption of calcium, which can lead to calcium deficiency.

5) Risk of miscarriage

Pregnant women should not consume coffee in excess. Coffee contains a high amount of caffeine, which is harmful for pregnant women. 300 mg or more of caffeine a day increases the risk of miscarriage.

6) Kidney damage

Caffeine found in coffee is also harmful for kidney health. Consuming too much caffeine also increases the risk of kidney failure.

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