June 22, 2024

Causes and Symptoms of Headache and Eye pain | Remedies of remove Headache Problem

There are many reasons for headache and eye pain. Headache and eye pain is a common pain but if headache and eye pain occur together If so, it can become a serious problem. There are many reasons for frequent headaches and pain in the eyes, which are explained further in this article.


Pain killers can be used to remove the problem of headache and pain in the eyes. But if the headache and pain in the eyes are happening for a very long time, then it is very important to contact the doctor. Causes of headache and eye pain.

Causes of Headache and Eye Pain

Here are some main reasons due to which usually headache and eye pain occurs :


Migraine can be the cause of headache and eye pain, according to many researches, headache and eye pain are due to migraine, this type of pain can last for 72 hours continuously. Migraine causes throbbing pain in the back of the head and behind the eyes. In addition to headache and eye pain, problems such as vomiting, feeling of light in the eyes, excessive smell, dizziness, blurred vision, mental changes and nausea occur.

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Headache and eye pain can be caused by stress, while tension headache and eye pain are common pains. This type of pain is very high in people suffering from high stress. The pain caused by tension occurs around the eyes and in the forehead, due to which there is also a slight pain in the neck.

• Sinus Infection

Headache and eye pain can also be caused by sinus, a type of sinus infection in which the tissues swell or accumulate, causing difficulty in breathing. Sinus can cause many types of pain, the main one being pain in the head and eyes. During sinus, intense pain arises in the head and around the eyes. Apart from headache and pain in the eyes, stuffy nose, pain in the jaw, feeling tired and feeling more pain when lying down are all symptoms of sinus.

• TV, Mobiles and Computers

Headache and eye pain can also be caused due to problems related to eyes, watching TV, mobile or computer for a long time can also cause headache and pain in eyes. Due to exposure to the screen for a long time, it has a very bad effect on the brain, due to which it has a lot of side effects on the eyes and along with the eyes, the problem of headache also arises.

Common symptoms of headache and eye pain

1. Feeling hungry
2. Exposure to a strong odor
3. Consuming Alcohol
4. Exposure to excessive noise
5. Looking at bright light for a long time
6. Feeling tired
7. Hormone Changes
8. Transition
9. Problem of emotional stress
10. Sleeplessness

Remedies to remove the problem of headache and pain in the eyes

To get rid of headache and eye problems, sit in a dark room and take rest and avoid a place with high light.

  • Make a warm compress in the eyes.
  • Avoid headache triggers.
  • Abstain from smoking and alcohol.
  • Use a good quality ice pack.
  • Eat meals regularly.
  • Avoid long gaps between meals.
  • Include nutritious foods in the diet.
  • Exercise.

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