May 25, 2024

Foods That Are Bad for Your Heart – Fit Health Code

Foods that increase the risk of heart attack are fast food, spicy foods, etc. There is a glut of spices and ready-to-eat food items in the market with artificial colors. They are easy to make and fun to eat, but they have less benefits and more disadvantages.

Foods that increase the risk of heart attack are as below :

1) Potatoes and Corn chips

Excessive consumption of potatoes and corn chips can increase the risk of heart attack. It contains sodium, trans fat and carbs. One study showed that people who ate more than 200 milligrams of sodium a day were one in 10 people who died of heart disease. Due to the high amount of salt in potato and corn chips, it is considered harmful for heart health.

2) Soda

Soda has also been considered harmful for heart attack. Consumption of soda can increase the amount of blood sugar. Also, the consumption of soda puts stress on the arteries that carry blood from the heart to the rest of the body, which can increase the risk of heart attack. Due to excessive use of soda in today’s diet, the risk of heart diseases is increasing and many people are facing heart disease.

3) Chinese Food

Calories, fats, sodium and carbohydrates are found in abundance in Chinese food, which increases the blood sugar of our body. For example, after eating Chinese food once, blood sugar remains elevated for several days.

4) Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is rich in trans fat which is harmful for our health. Hot oil is used to fry any food thoroughly, which completely destroys the vitamins of the food and creates such oxidants, which damage the cells. Along with our health, it is responsible for making our waist wider than necessary.

5) Pizza

Carbohydrates and sodium are found in abundance in pizza. The cheese added to the pizza is helpful in increasing this sodium and fat further. Pizza sauce also contains sodium. Consumption of these things can also lead to diseases like heart attack.

6) Red Meat

A lot of saturated fat and salt are found in red meat, which is very harmful for our health, so it is recommended to eat red meat once a month.

7) Energy Drink

Energy drinks contain high amounts of caffeine, which can cause arrhythmias. Arrhythmia refers to a change in the rhythm of the heartbeat (irregular heartbeat). Irregular heartbeat is the main symptom of arrhythmia.

8) Instant Noodles

Instant noodles made in two minutes are everyone’s favorite food today. Any noodles are deep fried before packing which is harmful for heart disease. It causes a lot of harm to the body of those people who keep consuming it every day. These noodles contain a high amount of salt. Excess intake of salt increases blood pressure, which puts pressure on the heart.

9) Blended Coffee

A high amount of calories and fat are found in blended coffee. Due to the high amount of sugar in blended coffee, it is largely responsible for increasing the level of blood sugar. The caffeine in this type of coffee also increases blood sugar and its consumption is more harmful for people who are diabetic and heart patients.

10) Margarine

Margarine is used as butter. It increases the cholesterol of our body which is very harmful for our heart health. At the same time, it is also harmful for our skin, which starts showing premature aging in our skin.

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