June 24, 2024

Makhana (Fox Nut) Benefits for health & it’s side effects

The taste of Makhana is cold, but its Makhana can be eaten in any season. According to Ayurveda, Makhana is very beneficial for health. Makhana is used for making snacks, kheer and sweets. Eating makhana increases physical strength. Eating Makhana improves the problem of semen defects of men, which also improves their fertility.


Nutrients found in Makhana

Protein, calories, carbohydrates, fat, sugar, fiber, potassium, calcium, saturated fatty acids, potassium, magnesium and iron are found in makhana.

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Method of consuming Makhana

Makhana can also be consumed by adding peas and paneer to the vegetable, frying it in the form of snacks, making kheer and frying it in ghee and black salt.

Benefits of eating Makhana

The plant of Makhana is in water, its leaves are large, round and prickly, in which the fruits are circular, soft and prickly. The fruits of this plant are light black in color, which are the size of a pea or larger. Roasting these fruits gives them flowers which are called makhana. The dangers of many diseases can be avoided by eating makhana. So, let’s discuss about various benefits of Makhana

1) Relief from joint pain

The symptoms of diseases like arthritis can be reduced by eating makhana. In the disease of arthritis, there is extreme pain in the hands, feet and joints. Calcium is found in abundance in Makhana, which provides relief in the problem of joint pain. Apart from this, massaging by grinding Makhana leaves on the painful area also provides relief in joint pain.

2) Makes digestive system strong

Consuming Makhana gets rid of stomach related disorders. Makhana is rich in fiber and anti-oxidants, due to which the digestive system is better. Astringent properties are also found in Makhana, which gives quick relief in the problem of diarrhea. Constipation and indigestion can also be avoided by regular consumption of makhana.

3) Controls blood pressure

Eating makhana provides relief in the problem of high blood pressure. Potassium is found in high amounts in Makhana, which works to reduce blood pressure by regulating blood circulation and thereby provides relief in the problem of high blood pressure. Very little amount of sodium is found in Makhana, due to which people suffering from the problem of high blood pressure get a lot of benefit from its consumption.

4) Controls Diabetes

The symptoms of diseases like diabetes can be reduced by consuming makhana. By taking 4-6 grains of makhana daily, the amount of sugar in the blood remains under control. By eating makhana, insulin is produced in the body, due to which the amount of sugar in the blood gradually decreases. Diabetic patients get a lot of benefits from eating makhana.

5) Improves the problem of sexual diseases

The problem of sexual diseases can be got rid of by the consumption of makhana. According to a study, consuming makhana improves the problem of sexual diseases like premature ejaculation and ejaculation. Eating Makhana also increases sexual power. Makhana acts as an aphrodisiac in the body, which increases the desire for sex and the quality and mobility of sperms.

6) Avoids tooth decay

Gum remains healthy by consuming makhana. According to a research, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties are found in Makhana, which makes it easier to get rid of the problem of tooth decay caused by inflammation in the gums and harmful bacteria. Oral health is also better by consuming makhana.

7) Nourishes the skin

The unwanted effects of aging can be prevented by the consumption of makhana. Often, the problem of wrinkles arises on the skin due to increasing age. Makhana contains anti-oxidants and flavonoids that slow down the aging process by fighting free radicals in the body. Makhana nourishes the skin and works to get rid of the problem of wrinkles.

8) Beneficial in Pregnancy

Eating makhana is very beneficial in pregnancy. At the time of pregnancy, the body of women becomes weak, in such a situation, eating makhana gives energy to the body, due to which there is no problem of weakness. The nutrients found in makhana are considered extremely beneficial for pregnant women. Makhana fulfills the nutritional deficiency of the body.

Side Effects of Makhana

  • The amount of fiber is found in Makhana, excessive consumption of which can cause stomach cramps and gas problems.
  • People with allergy problems should avoid excessive consumption of Makhana.

This is all about Makhana and if you are in the weight loss journey. This is the best thing you can add in your diet. I hope you have got an important information from this article.

Thanks for reading this article.

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