April 14, 2024

What are the early signs of Pregnancy ?| Symptoms of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in the life of every woman. Being a mother is a very pleasant feeling for women. At the same time, a pregnant woman has great curiosity about becoming a mother. For women who are trying to conceive, missing a period can be a symptom of pregnancy. But it is not necessary that the absence of menstruation is an early symptom of pregnancy.

Generally, very few women feel any kind of symptoms during pregnancy after sex, because nowadays most of the women are aware of the pregnancy test kits available in the market through publicity and they do it a week after having sex.

But some women say that they feel some symptoms only after sex, even before ovulation (in 10 days), such as fatigue, frequent urination, increased body temperature, in breast Pain etc.

It is believed that the fertilized egg sends certain signals to your body, such as releasing hormones before implantation. But simply to say that at this time no symptoms are felt or symptoms are definitely felt, it would be completely wrong.

As soon as you conceive, your hormones start changing and many other changes take place in your body. However, most women do not recognize their body’s signals. If you pay attention to the body, it will be easier for you to detect pregnancy.

So let’s know about some early symptoms related to pregnancy –

Does every woman experience the same symptoms of pregnancy ?

The initial symptoms of pregnancy are not the same in every woman. This is also because the nature of every woman’s body is different. The symptoms experienced by a woman during pregnancy may not necessarily be felt by other women as well.

Sometimes the signs before and during periods, which you consider to be the early signs of pregnancy, can actually point to some other problem as well.

Next, you are being told in detail about the symptoms of pregnancy. The early signs of pregnancy can be the only indication that you are pregnant, to confirm the pregnancy, you should have a pregnancy test.

What are the early signs of pregnancy ?

A survey was done on what are the early signs of pregnancy. In which the women reported a variety of symptoms.

On the basis of this survey, the votes of women are being told below-

  • 29 percent of women said that missing periods was the first sign of pregnancy for them.
  • 25 percent said that nausea or vomiting was a symptom of pregnancy for them.
  • 17 percent of women said breast changes were an early sign of conception for them.
  • Only 3 percent of women said that bleeding while the egg was implanting in the uterus was a symptom of pregnancy for them.

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In how many days do the symptoms of pregnancy appear ?

Let us tell you that the first week of pregnancy is decided on the basis of the date of the last period of the woman. Some people consider the woman’s last period to be the first week of pregnancy, whether you were pregnant at that time or not. The last date of the woman’s last period is used to find out the expected date of delivery. Even if you do not feel any pregnancy symptoms in the first week of periods, they are counted in the months of pregnancy.

Efforts are being made to explain the initial symptoms according to the time period, but this time period may vary from woman to woman. If you feel the following symptoms late, then you can consult your doctor.

Early pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy can be confirmed only by pregnancy test and pregnancy ultrasound. However, there are some physical signs and symptoms that may point to your pregnancy.

Here is information about some of the early pregnancy symptoms. If you also see these early signs of pregnancy, then it is pq can be absolutely sure whether you are pregnant or not.
These symptoms and signs can also be due to some other reason. If you also have these early pregnancy symptoms then it is not necessary that you are pregnant. If you see these symptoms, it is better for your health to see your doctor.

1) Cramping is an early sign of being pregnant

This symptom is mainly light bleeding (spotting) that occurs during the early stages of the formation of the fetus. After the egg is fertilized by the male’s sperm, when the egg starts to form an embryo, then it attaches to the uterus in 6 to 12 days. During this, there is light bleeding from the uterus.

This type of light bleeding is a normal process during embryo formation and is called spotting in the medical world. This type of bleeding is usually harmless. During this, some women also feel cramping. Women who do not experience such symptoms should not panic about their pregnancy. It is not necessary that these symptoms appear in every woman.

2) Missed period is a symptom of pregnancy

Often periods stop after getting pregnant. Missing periods in pregnancy is considered one of the earliest possible signs. If your periods do not come regularly like normal days, then this condition can be considered a symptom of pregnancy.

Some women may have very little bleeding after a certain period, when the fertilized egg is implanting itself in the wall of your uterus. Apart from this, if you do not have periods normally, you can also get a pregnancy test done to confirm your pregnancy.

3) Nausea is a sign of being pregnant

Morning sickness is a common symptom of early pregnancy. According to experts, the problem of morning sickness affects 70 to 85 percent of women during pregnancy. This problem can happen at any time throughout the day. This problem starts in the first or second month of pregnancy, while it goes away on its own in the beginning of the second trimester. There are some women who do not vomit during nausea. The condition of frequent occurrence of nausea is called morning sickness. Some women are troubled by this type of problem throughout their pregnancy.

4) Breast pain is a sign of pregnancy

Changes in breasts can be an early symptom of pregnancy. If a woman is pregnant, then at the beginning of pregnancy, there is a feeling of heaviness, sensitivity and swelling in the breasts of women. This happens because, at the beginning of pregnancy, there is a change in the level of hormones estrogen and progesterone in the body of women and the breasts start to change.

If someone is pregnant, you can experience changes in your breasts after a week of conception. This problem reduces significantly after the first trimester of pregnancy. At this time, the best way to remove the pain and sensitivity of the breasts is to wear a soft bra according to your fitting.

5) Feeling tired is an early sign of pregnancy

Most of the women feel tired during the first week of pregnancy. There are many changes in the body during pregnancy. Due to which women feel tired. At this time it is common for women to feel tired due to the increasing levels of progesterone in the body. Apart from this, low BP and low sugar level (low blood pressure and diabetes level) during pregnancy can also make you feel tired.

From the very early stages of pregnancy, your body starts getting ready for the baby. This also makes you tired and in such a situation you like to sit or lie down more. Fatigue is considered the most common problem in the first and third trimesters.

Symptoms of pregnancy could be due to other reasons

The symptoms mentioned for pregnancy do not only indicate pregnancy. Sometimes these symptoms can also be due to other reasons in the body of women. For example, if you haven’t had your period on time, it doesn’t just mean it’s a symptom of pregnancy – it could also be that some hormonal imbalance will cause your period to be late.

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