June 23, 2024

Depression : Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and more

Man today has everything except one thing and that thing is peace of mind.  Yes!  Friends, you heard it right. Science has given us everything except peace of mind.  No matter how much we pretend outwardly, but the reality is that happiness in our life has been limited to material things only.  We all have become so engrossed in this journey of our life somewhere that we have stopped thinking for ourselves.  For this reason people are falling prey to mental depression.


You must have seen many sad incidents related to mental depression happening in the near past and you must have been hurt by this.  These incidents have also made me think seriously that why human beings are surrendering themselves and themselves in front of unknown and deadly enemy like mental depression! 

  • After all, why man is not able to get himself out of this deadly situation even after wanting to? 
  • Why do we have to suffer this depression?

Today my mind is agitated by such questions and therefore I want to do some things with you guys in this context.  So that you guys can also get some better information about it.  By the way, before proceeding further, a request to you guys is to share this post as much as possible.

What is Depression ?

Friends!  Let us first understand what is depression.  So that further you do not face any problem in understanding the complex facts about it.

Scientists say that, “Depression is a common and serious mental illness, due to which there is a very bad and fatal effect on the movement of the person suffering from thinking, working, feeling and feeling”.  This disease captures our mind and removes us from positivity.  That’s why a person suffering from depression always keeps on doing negative things and things. 

By the way, the surprising thing is that for a long time, the person himself does not even know that he has become a victim of depression. This is what makes depression so dangerous.  Gradually, it hollows out our mind from within and makes us a living statue of human being.

Friends!  Due to depression, our mind is not able to stay focused on one thing and we do not even feel good to do anything.  It also has a negative impact on the emotional relationships of a person.  You get to know the symptoms of depression by the behavior of the person.  Well, let’s take a look at these symptoms of depression as well.

Symptoms of Depression

As I have said above, we will discuss here the common symptoms of depression, because only after knowing these symptoms, you will get a lot of help to fight depression.  By the way, I have further written the symptoms of depression one by one and urge you people to read these symptoms seriously.

Symptoms of depression in men:

  • Unnaturally changing mood.  Sometimes suddenly become angry, excited and restless.
  • Losing control of your emotions and feeling sad, sad and helpless.
  • Don’t feel like doing any work, not even doing your favorite work, getting tired easily, worrying about committing suicide, consuming drugs, drinking alcohol in excessive amounts, doing too much daring work.
  • Sudden decrease in sexual interest and keep distance from it.
  • During conversation, being lost in one’s own thoughts, being unable to concentrate on any work, being unable to do any work.
  • Sleeplessness throughout the night and suffering from insomnia, sleeplessness throughout the day and excessive daytime sleepiness.  Very difficult to fall asleep.
  • Disease in the digestive system, headache, etc. are its common symptoms.

Let us once discuss about the symptoms of depression in the field of women.

Symptoms of depression in women:-

  • Feelings of extreme mood swings and irritability.
  • Suddenly becoming depressed and feeling empty and lonely inside.
  • Remove yourself from the society and do not show any work and enthusiasm.
  • Always worrying about dying and committing suicide.
  • Speak slowly and don’t even try to think.
  • No sleep at night or very little sleep, daytime sleepiness.
  • Headache, feeling tense, loss of appetite, inability to work for a long time, abdominal pain etc.

In the field of women, even more symptoms of depression can be shown, so their behavior should be closely monitored.  Well, let us also take a look at the symptoms seen in children suffering from depression.

Symptoms seen in children suffering from depression :

  • Sudden crying, anger and irritability.
  • Indulging in wrongdoings, getting completely broken from the emotional plane.
  • Refusing to go to school, quarreling with friends and isolating oneself from others.
  • Sudden lack of studies and drop in marks.
  • Sleeping too much or sleeping too little at night.
  • Loss or gain in weight, loss of appetite, lack of interest in working, etc.
  • Friends!  I would like to request all of you that if the child is suffering from mental depression, please do not scold or hit him.  Explain to him and like a friend, ask him lovingly, what has happened?  In most areas, children fall into depression very easily.  That’s why you should keep an eye on your children at all times, because they need you all the time.

What is the cause of depression ? 

In this part of the article, we will learn about the causes of depression and also try to understand its root.  Friends!  Let me tell you that you should always remember that any person can have depression at any stage of life.  That’s why this article becomes very important for everyone.  Well, now let’s go ahead and get to know this better.

1) Depression can be genetic  :-

Some scientists believe that, in most people suffering from depression, it has been found that the problem of depression has also been found in an older member of their family before that person.  Therefore, the problem of depression has settled in a way in the family’s gene.  Therefore, depression can also be called genetic and in families where this problem is seen, every member of that family is very likely to have depression.

2) A painful accident happened in childhood :-

Often the root cause of depression is hidden in people’s childhood.  Our subconscious mind is coming from childhood, storing the events experienced by us all the time.  Therefore, often due to an accident that happened in childhood, our mind is affected very seriously.  Due to which later on we have to face depression.  It is also called “Early Child Trauma”.

3) Depends on the structure of the brain whether you will have depression or not :-

Now what to say about it friends, scientists believe that the mind of some people is made in such a way that they have to face depression.  If the “frontal lobe” of the brain does not work properly, then the person is more likely to have depression.  Well friends!  There is no need to think much because scientists are still researching about it and trying to understand the root cause behind it.

4) Depression can also occur due to illness :

Friends, this is the reason for depression, it is really very worrying.  Because when we are sick, we are surrounded by negative energy.  At the same time, any person can easily become a victim of depression.  Depression can easily break a person from the inside out due to diseases such as chronic disease and Attention-deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD).

5) Consumption of drugs :-

In today’s time, where the consumption of drugs is considered a cool thing in the younger generation, on the other hand its fatal consequences are also no less.  Due to drugs, the younger generation is doing wrong things and intoxicated many crimes too.  By the way, not only this, those who are taking drugs regularly, the disease of depression is becoming a deadly enemy in them.  So keep in mind that you stay away from bad habits like alcohol and drugs.  With this, you can keep your health healthy as well as save your family members from living under stress.

A survey has shown that 21% of people who use drugs have a serious problem of depression.  This not only worsens the mental and physical condition, but at the same time you do not understand your importance.  By the way, there can be many other reasons for depression, such as the passing of someone or separation from a loved one.

Tests For Depression

In fact, till date, there is no independent examination system for depression.  But your doctor can tell you on the basis of some questions whether you are suffering from depression or not.  Well, it is my duty here to make you people aware of this as well.  So let us now know about the examinations for depression for a few moments.

Your doctor will usually test for depression;  Some will ask questions about your eating habits, mood, feeling or loss of appetite, sleep cycle, working activity, and your anxiety streams.  By answering these questions, your doctor will be sure whether you have depression or not.  By the way, keep one thing in mind that if you are having bad worries or dreams all the time, then it can also be basically due to excessive mental stress.

It is often found inside a person suffering from depression that, he gets nervous over small things and is unable to control himself.  Due to this, the problem of depression becomes even more serious in that person.  That’s why you are requested to work with a calm mind and understanding if you also fall in any adverse situation.  I agree that it is very difficult to do this, but if you are determined, you can also do a lot.

Always believe in yourself because, “No one is there, why are you in a collision”.

Treatment For Depression

You can do a lot to avoid depression and if you ever get stuck in depression, you can also get out of it through these systems.  I have discussed further ways to avoid it as well as its diagnostic method.  So read this part of the article carefully.

1. Exercise regularly and eat good food

Exercising regularly for 30-40 minutes every single day releases a chemical substance called “endorphins” in your brain.  Due to which your mind is filled with a new energy and you go away from depression.  Try to eat nutritious food regularly so that you stay healthy all the time.

2. Depression is treated through medicine

When a person is in the grip of depression, then the doctor suppresses him Antidepressant, Anti anxiety and Anti psychotic.  Due to this the person gets relief from depression for some time.

3. Always keep yourself happy in any situation

Never let yourself be sad to avoid depression.  From time to time, things like partying or going for a walk, doing many creative things, retiring in creative work, watching a movie or playing a game, etc. can make you happy.

  • Make yourself always happy.
  • Always try to keep yourself happy.
  • Stay away from negative people and get good sleep.  Always consider yourself strong and don’t be sad, someone will definitely be with you.

4. Amazing benefits from light therapy

A research has shown that, if the rays of light are thrown over the body for a specified time, then there are negative thoughts present in your mind, all of them go away on their own.  With light therapy, you can overcome depression very accurately.

6. Take the help of a trained psychologist

If you are troubled by depression, then the best option for you would be to personally consult a trained psychologist.  The therapist will ease your mind and you can live your natural life again.  By the way, keep in mind that you can help yourself in depression.  Because unless you are strong inside, how can anyone help you from outside.

Always remember that “there is no one in this world as beautiful as you”.

Thanks for reading this article

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