June 24, 2024

What is Keto diet ?

Many people are following keto or ketogenic diet nowadays. Women are following it more. At the same time, Bollywood stars also stay fit by adopting this diet.  Let us tell you about this keto diet.

Low carbohydrate foods are preferred in the keto diet.  This diet produces ketones in the liver. This diet is also known by names like ketogenic diet, low carb diet or fat diet.  It is believed that by eating more carbohydrate food, glucose and insulin are produced in the body, it starts accumulating fat in the body.

Whereas in the keto diet, energy is produced from fat by reducing the intake of carbohydrates. This process is called ketosis.  In this diet, fat intake is high, protein medium and low carbohydrate things are eaten. A standard keto diet should contain 70 percent fat, 25 percent protein and 5 percent carbohydrates.

What can be eaten?

In keto diet, both veg and non-veg can be eaten.  Non-vegetarian keto diet can include chicken, mutton, fish and eggs.  Whereas those who like vegetarian food should consume plenty of leafy greens like spinach and fenugreek. 

It would be good to include broccoli, cauliflower also in your diet chart.  Apart from this, cottage cheese, high-fat cream and butter can be included in the keto veg diet for fat.  It is beneficial to eat walnuts, sunflower seeds, coconut oil, high fat salad in ketogenic diet.

What should not eat ?

Cereals are not included in the keto diet.  Not only this, less sugar is also used in this diet chart.  Apples, bananas and oranges are not included in the keto diet. It is also said not to use potatoes and yams in vegetables. Because these are things with more carbohydrates.

What are the benefits of adopting keto diet ?

The ketogenic diet is mainly considered the most effective in weight loss.  By eating the things included in the keto diet, the body uses fat as a source of energy.  Due to this the weight decreases. Celebrities like Sonakshi Sinha, Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor follow keto to lose weight.

Also know about the side effects of Keto

It is believed that this diet system leads to a dilemma like Keto-flu which can affect the person mentally.  It starts as soon as you start the keto diet when your body starts using your own fat for strength.

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