June 23, 2024

How to use Prega News pregnancy test kit?

This blog contains all the information related to the Prega news test. Prega news is used to confirm pregnancy at home i.e. pregnancy test. Prega News is a simple method for confirming pregnancy in women by using a few drops of urine or blood of women.


Prega news determines in a short time whether a woman is pregnant or not, that is, any woman can detect pregnancy at home in a short time. Today we will tell you when and how to use the Prega News test kit. Complete information about Prega news use is given below –

What is the Prega news test kit?

Prega News Test Kit includes some tools, with the help of which pregnancy can be easily confirmed at home. Prega News Test Kit consists of the following equipment –

  • A card – using which pregnancy can be detected easily.
  • A dropper device
  • A few drops of urine are put on the card.
  • Silica granules – it doesn’t play any role in pregnancy detection but it helps in absorbing moisture so that the card doesn’t get damaged.

How to do Prega News Test?

Its information is given in the Prega News test kit but still, you need to take complete information about it. To use Prega news, always use the first urine of the day because better results can be obtained from it. How to do Prega News Test –

1) First of all take some quantity of urine in the morning in a clean container.

2) After that, take a few drops of urine in a clean dropper.

3) Hold the Prega News test card and with the help of a dropper, put 3 drops of urine on the card.

4) Wait for up to 5 minutes for the best results of Prega News

5) Throw away the kit after use.


Prega news positive result

After using the Prega News kit properly, if 2 pink lines appear in the test kit, then it means that the woman is pregnant. Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) has been found in urine to cause pregnancy. After getting pregnant, take proper care on the advice of a doctor. If you are taking any kind of medicines during pregnancy, then definitely consult a doctor.

Prega news result negative

After following all the steps of the Prega News Kit, if only 1 pink line appears on Prega News Card then the woman is not pregnant. The reason for not getting pregnant is due to the absence of chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in the urine of the woman. Do not use Prega News Kit again after negative results and use Prega News again next time during the menstrual interruption.

When to do prega news pregnancy test?

Prega News Kit is used for the absence of menstruation on the date of menstruation. The reason for not coming on the menstrual date is unprotected intercourse some time ago. Prega News Kit can be used about 20 days after having sex. Prega News should be used only on the next day of the date of menstruation if the date of menstruation is not on time. 99% accurate results can be obtained with Prega News Kit.

If your periods are not coming due to any other reason, then the Prega news kit will show negative results.


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