April 20, 2024

Why jaggery is much better than sugar ?

Jaggery is hot because of which it is consumed more in winters. Jaggery is a food item that is extracted from the juice of palm and sugarcane. Sugarcane juice is most commonly used in making jaggery. The color of jaggery is dark brown and light yellow.


Jaggery is considered the sweetest of natural foods. Jaggery is said to be more beneficial than sugar in Ayurveda. Jaggery is easily digested in the stomach, due to which the digestion process remains better.

Jaggery is also known as a natural sweet which is not only delicious to eat but also very beneficial for health. Now let us discuss that why jaggery is several hundred times better than sugar.

Names of jaggery in different languages –

Jaggery is called Gud in Sanskrit, Gol in Gujarati, Bell in Kannada, Bellam in Telugu, Vellam in Tamil and Goud in Konkanese.

Nutritious elements found in jaggery –

Jaggery contains nutrients like iron, sugar, potassium, energy, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, protein, sucrose, vitamin B, sodium etc.

Method of consuming jaggery –

Jaggery can be eaten by adding it to tea, making laddus of jaggery and sesame seeds, making pudding, with roti, making chikkis from jaggery and making delicious dumplings.

Benefits of Jaggery

There are more benefits of eating jaggery than sugar. Jaggery works to remove toxins from the body, which purifies the blood and also reduces the risk of many diseases. Consuming jaggery with a glass of milk or a glass of water daily does not prevent gas in the stomach. People suffering from stomach related problems get a lot of benefit from consuming jaggery.

1) Beneficial for anemia patients

Consuming jaggery can get rid of problems like anemia. Jaggery is rich in iron, which increases the amount of blood in the body and provides quick relief from anemia. Anemia patients get many benefits by consuming jaggery. Apart from this, consuming jaggery is considered very beneficial for women.

2) Provides energy

The use of jaggery gives energy to the body, due to which the problem of fatigue and weakness can be avoided. Jaggery is digested slowly in the body, due to which the energy level in the body increases quickly. The level of sugar in the blood is controlled by eating jaggery as compared to sugar.

3) Controls obesity

Consumption of jaggery gets rid of the problem of obesity. Jaggery contains a sufficient amount of potassium, which works to reduce the problem of water retention in the body as well as improve the level of metabolism. Apart from this, the fiber present in jaggery gets digested slowly in the body, due to which the hunger remains calm for a long time. The person avoids eating again and again which helps in losing weight.

4) Improves digestion

Digestion is maintained by the consumption of jaggery. Consumption of jaggery instead of products made from sugar improves digestion. The fiber present in jaggery is considered very beneficial for the digestive system. Consuming jaggery in proper quantity daily gets rid of problems like constipation, indigestion and acidity in the stomach.

5) Increases immunity

Eating jaggery increases the immunity of the body, which can avoid the dangers of many diseases. Minerals and anti-oxidants like selenium and zinc are found in jaggery which are helpful in preventing free radicals in the body. The use of jaggery strengthens the body’s immune system, so that many diseases as well as the dangers of infections can be avoided.

6) Beneficial for heart

Heart health is better by eating jaggery. Nutrients like manganese, zinc, magnesium etc. are present in jaggery, which have a very positive effect on the functioning of the heart. Consuming jaggery in proper quantity daily reduces the risk of heart diseases.

7) Controls high blood pressure

By consuming jaggery, the level of blood pressure in the body is controlled. The amount of iron is found in jaggery, due to which the risk of high blood pressure can be easily reduced. Apart from this, the amount of sodium is also found in jaggery. Consumption of jaggery maintains the balance of acid in the cells of the body, due to which the problem of blood pressure does not arise.

8) Beneficial for bones

Bones remain healthy and strong by the consumption of jaggery. The amount of calcium and phosphorous is found in jaggery, which strengthens the bones. Consuming jaggery and ginger together provides relief from the problem of joint pain in the joints in winter. Elderly people get a lot of benefit by eating jaggery bread instead of sugar.

9) Relief during menstruation

For women, drinking jaggery tea instead of sugar is very beneficial. Women get relief from pain during menstruation by consuming jaggery. Vitamins and essential minerals are found in jaggery, which provides relief from the problem of stomach and back pain during menstruation.

10) Relief from infection

Consuming jaggery provides relief in problems like cold, sore throat and cough. In the problem of cold and cough, you can make jaggery tea or laddus. It will benefit you alot.

11) Beneficial for asthma patients

The symptoms of diseases like asthma can be reduced by the use of jaggery. Jaggery has anti-allergic properties, which is of great benefit to asthma patients. Apart from this, the temperature of the body is also controlled by eating jaggery, due to which the body remains free from many problems.

12) Beneficial for skin

By using jaggery, skin related problems are avoided. Anti-microbial properties are found in jaggery, which gives relief from the problem of fungus and bacteria from the skin. Various types of problems can arise from bacteria and fungus on the skin. Antioxidants are found in jaggery which work to protect cells and tissues from damage.

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