May 27, 2024

Benefits of Plank Exercise | How to do plank ?

Doing plank exercise is very beneficial to stay fit. Plank exercise is considered very beneficial to reduce belly fat and excess fat deposited on the hips. Plank is also necessary to make six pack abs. If you have extra fat around your stomach and waist, then you can take the help of plank exercise. By doing plank, the abdominal muscles are strengthened and the body’s ability to work also increases. In this article, you have been told about how to do plank exercise and its benefits.


Ways to do plank exercise

  1. First of all lie down on your stomach.
  2. Now bend the elbow as shown in the picture and put the weight of the body on the forearm.
  3. Then keep your body straight and do not move. Do not leave the abdominal muscles loose.
  4. Look at the ground without straining your head.
  5. Maintain this state as per capacity.
  6. During the plank exercise, keep breathing in and out slowly.

Apart from plank exercise, you can also do plank in some other ways like

  • To do high plank, straighten both the hands and straighten the knees by resting them on the ground.
  • In side plank, you can do side plank exercise by keeping your body on one side and raising the other hand upwards. (Read more – Benefits of exercise)
  • Make a plank position in knee touches and keep the knees of both the feet on the ground at once.
  • In the Lateral Plank Wall, raise the body above the ground and open both the legs. Then move the right foot to the left, then the left foot to the right.

Benefits of Plank Exercise

Plank exercise have these amazing benefits :

1) Muscles get stronger by doing plank exercise

Doing situps and crunches puts pressure on your waist, but there is no such problem in plank exercise. Plank exercise not only works on the hip and thigh but it is effective for the whole body. Plank exercises put pressure on your arms, legs and your abs, thus making your exercise more effective. By doing plank exercise, you can lift any type of weight. The athlete’s running activities improve.

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2) Plank Exercise Improves Posture

If you have back pain while sitting at home or in the office, then you can reduce this problem with plank exercise. Plank exercises improve your posture (sitting and standing positions) by strengthening the waist, chest, shoulders, neck and abs. With the help of this exercise, the condition of your shoulders, waist and lower back remains fine when you are standing or sitting. When you learn plank exercise well, your waist becomes strong and posture also improves.

3) Plank exercise increases the flexibility of the body

Along with increasing strength, plank exercise helps in increasing the flexibility of the body. Lack of flexibility in the body can also lead to injury, so to maintain the flexibility of the body, it is important that you do plank exercises. By doing plank exercise, the bones near the shoulders and neck are stretched. Along with this, the muscles of the hips, thighs and feet from toes also start getting stretched.

4) Do plank exercises to reduce the risk of back injury

When your lower abdominal muscles get stronger, your body puts less pressure on your waist muscles. Apart from this, your body strengthens the muscles with daily activities and exercise, thus eliminating lower back pain. Doing plank exercise daily reduces back pain and strengthens the muscles of the upper back region.

5) Plank exercise increases metabolism

Compared to lower abdominal exercises such as crunches or situps, plank exercises help in reducing the body’s calories faster. Doing this exercise daily strengthens your muscles and burns calories even when you are not doing any kind of work. Also, if you do plank exercise at home for ten minutes before or after doing any work, then your metabolism will be fast throughout the day.

6) Doing plank exercise improves mood

Plank exercise, or any physical activity, releases hormones called endorphins in the brain. The endorphin hormone keeps the mood fine and fresh and reduces stress. This exercise relieves anxiety. If you sit for a long time, because of that the muscles get stiff, in such a situation, plank exercise helps in reducing the stiffness in your muscles. Such activities keep your mood relaxed both physically and mentally.

7) Bones stay healthy by doing plank exercise

By doing plank exercise, you are able to lift any kind of weight, but this is not the case with jumping and running exercises. When you do plank exercises, your bones and tissues become strong and healthy. By doing this exercise, the blood circulation in the joints is also good.

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