July 20, 2024

Low Vision : Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Home Remedies

Eyes are very delicate, so it is very important to take full care of the eyes and keep the eyes healthy. Carelessness with the eyes can cause many problems for you. There can be many reasons for poor eyesight, such as poor lifestyle and lack of nutrients in the body.


It is a common thing to have weak eyesight. Eyes are one of the important parts of our body, through which we are able to complete all our daily tasks very easily.

Apart from this, watching more TV, working longer on the computer and using mobile more, all these reasons play an important role in making the eyesight weak. But do you know, there are many home remedies to increase eyesight, using which regularly, you can increase eyesight. Let us go into detail about the causes, symptoms and remedies of low eyesight from this article of ours.

Causes and remedies for poor eyesight :-

Causes of Weak Eyesight

  • Age Factor : Just as our physical capacity decreases with age, in the same way our eyesight also becomes weak. Especially after crossing the age of 40, it becomes difficult to focus on close objects and far away objects, due to which gradually the vision also starts to weaken.
  • Deficiency of Nutrients : Lack of essential nutrients in the food has a negative effect on eyesight. Deficiency of many nutrients in the body like vitamin-C, vitamin-A, vitamin-E, zinc, lutein and omega-3 fatty acids, cause vision loss.
  • Genes : Sometimes the weakening of eyesight can also be genetic, that is, if your parents or any close family member has problems related to eyes, then you can also read to face this problem.
  • Light Emitted from Electronic Devices : There is a negative effect on the eyes due to continuous reading or working on the computer. According to ophthalmologists, the blue light emitted from electronic items such as screens of computers, tablets and laptops increases the risk of eye diseases as well as cataracts.
  • Diabetes : Due to weight gain, people suffering from type-2 diabetes also start weakening eyesight. Apart from this, the risk of cataract is also increased in people who smoke.
  • Dust and Pollution : Many times, due to dust, pollution and strong sunlight, negative effects on the eyes also start reading, due to which the eyesight gradually starts to weaken.
  • Reading in low light : Due to reading in low light, the pupils of the eyes also dilate, due to which the difference between near and far things starts decreasing in the focus of the eyes, which affects your eyesight and the eyesight starts to become weak.

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Symptoms of Weak Eyesight

  1. Eye pain and watery eyes.
  2. Blurred vision while reading and unable to read properly.
  3. Low light and blurred vision at night.
  4. Being unable to see far away objects.
  5. Frequent headache while studying or complaining of persistent headache.
  6. Visible light in bright light.
  7. Itching, swelling or redness of the eyes.

To prevent the loss of eyesight, pay attention to these special things –

1) Eat a nutritious and balanced diet and include fruits and vegetables like Vitamin-C, Vitamin-A and Vitamin-E in your diet.

2) Pay special attention to the light while reading because reading or writing in very light light puts pressure on the eyes, due to which the eyesight starts to weaken.

3) Eat more green leafy vegetables and pulses and drink enough water, these are helpful in keeping the eyes healthy.

4) Wear goggles before going out to protect your eyes from dust, pollution and strong sunlight.

5) Avoid continuous reading or working on the computer and wash the eyes with cold water in between.

6) Nuts are rich in vitamin E, which enhances eyesight and also protects against other eye diseases caused by aging, so eat nuts, such as walnuts, almonds, pistachios and peanuts etc.

7) Get 8 hours of restful sleep, it helps to keep your eyes fresh in a natural way.

8) If you start seeing any kind of changes in your vision, then you should contact the doctor directly.

9) Avoid working in artificial light till late at night and never study in a moving vehicle.

10)Avoid smoking as it increases the risk of cataract.

Home remedies for better eyesight

1) Mustard oil

By using mustard oil, eyesight can be increased. In fact, according to eye experts, to increase eyesight, massaging the sole of the feet with mustard oil for 10 minutes daily improves eyesight.

2) Gooseberry/Amla

Amla is rich in Vitamin-C, which enhances eyesight as well as protects against other eye problems caused by aging. For this, you can consume gooseberry chutney, pickle, marmalade and juice.

3) Exercise

Regular exercise is beneficial to enhance eyesight. Actually, according to the doctor, people who exercise regularly and have a healthy weight have good eyesight, so exercise regularly and keep your eyes healthy.

4) Almond

Almonds are rich in Vitamin A, which helps in improving eyesight. For this you can consume almond milk. In fact, both milk and almonds are rich in vitamin A, which works actively to enhance eyesight.

5) Rose water

The use of rose water is not only beneficial for skin health but also for eye health. Actually, according to many studies, putting 2-3 drops of rose water in the eyes increases eyesight, so you can use rose water, after consulting a doctor, to increase eyesight. Know the Benefits of Rose Water.

Important notice

If the number of glasses is increasing rapidly along with the weak eyesight of a person, then that person should contact the eye specialist soon.

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