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What causes irregular periods ? – Reasons for delayed periods

Menstruation is not a problem for women, but a special gift of nature, but when menstruation becomes irregular then it definitely becomes a problem. Irregular menstruation means that the period is irregular, that is, it is late or not.


Regularly a woman has her periods within 21 to 35 days, which can be a little back and forth. If a woman’s period is more than 35 days late, then there may be some disorder or problem .

Pregnancy is not the reason for not having periods every time, but sometimes other factors are also responsible for it, such as diet and lifestyle, stress, fever, consumption of contraceptive pills, breastfeeding, obesity and weakness, excessive exercise.

Hormone imbalance, diabetes and thyroid are some of the reasons due to which periods can stop.

But do you know, there are some such home remedies, using which you can normalize irregular periods. Let us go into detail about the reasons and remedies for not getting periods from our article.

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Natural reasons for not getting Periods

There are some natural reasons for not getting periods on time. These are as below :


If pregnancy occurs, ovulation does not occur. Nor do periods come, so the menstrual cycle stops for the entire nine months during pregnancy. Although some bleeding may be felt during pregnancy, it is not due to periods.


Irregularity of periods has also been observed in lactating women. Many women do not start getting their periods on time. Until that woman stops breastfeeding the child.


When women are around 40 to 45 years of age, there are many hormonal changes in their body. In such a situation, periods also stop coming. If this process is premature then it is called pre-menopause. In such a situation, women have to face many problems.

Other reasons for not having periods


Stress affects the body in many ways, including periods. Periods become irregular due to physical and mental stress, due to which periods are either delayed or periods stop coming.


Sometimes periods become irregular due to obesity, due to which periods can be delayed. However, this problem also happens to underweight women, ie weak women, but obesity is the main reason for this. Healthy weight is very important for normal periods.


Periods can also be delayed due to sudden fever, cold cough or any long illness. This process is temporary so when you recover from the disease, your periods will become regular again.


Sometimes periods become irregular due to changes in diet. Due to which periods either come early or there is a possibility of coming late. In such a situation, avoid changing the eating schedule frequently. Apart from this, due to changes in routine, many times periods stop coming, such as working in the night shift, going out of town or during a wedding or function at home, there are many changes in your routine. But when you return to your normal routine, your periods also become regular.


Women who take birth control pills, it is natural for those women to have changes in menstruation because birth control pills directly affect ovulation. On taking such medicines, periods either come less or come sooner or stop coming altogether. Apart from this, many times the period may stop even after taking birth control pills for a long time.


Thyroid hormone also plays an important role in the period. If the body does not make enough thyroid hormone, then it can imbalance the hormone levels in the body, due to which the period may stop. Apart from this, women who have sugar problems, those women are also more likely to miss periods.

For a normal period, pay attention to these special things –

  • Periods become irregular due to lack of nutrients in the body, so include nutritious food in your diet. Periods will be on time due to the lack of nutrients in the body.
  • It is believed that taking a hot water bath or keeping a hot water bottle on the stomach makes the chances of getting periods early. Bathing with hot water makes your muscles flexible, due to which menstruation does not come late. Apart from this, bathing with hot water during periods also provides relief in pain during periods.
  • Your stress can also be the reason for not having periods, so do not let stress dominate you so much that it starts harming you. Apart from this, you can use cervical therapy to cure the problem related to stress. In this, training is given to be worry free.
  • Remember the date of the period and for at least three months you should notice how your periods are going and what changes are being seen in the blood. Keeping all these things in mind, talk to the female doctor.
  • Due to excess obesity, periods become irregular, so eat fiber-rich diet in your diet, because the consumption of fiber-rich diet keeps the stomach full for a long time. And helps in regulating irregular appetite. Which helps you in reducing weight. Apart from this, you should exercise daily for your healthy weight.
  • Due to thyroid and sugar problem, if the periods are irregular ie late, then try to cure thyroid and sugar by medical treatment.

Home remedies for periods

These are remedies which can help you to make your periods regular :


Boil fenugreek seeds in water and drink that water as the fenugreek seeds have a hot effect, which helps you to get your period. Ayurvedic doctors are also advised to adopt this home remedy.


Ginger is one of the most powerful home remedies for periods. Ginger is very hot, so if the period is delayed then you can drink ajwain and ginger tea. Apart from this, you can also eat ginger mixed with honey, it will also help in getting the period.


Some such nutrients are found in unripe papaya, which cause tightening in the uterus. Periods come early due to tightness. For this, drink raw papaya juice or start eating papaya daily a few days before your period dates.


Carrots are rich in nutrients, which make up for the deficiency of nutrients in the body and help in regularizing irregular periods. For this, drink 2 to 3 glasses of fresh carrot juice in a day. Drinking it increases the level of estrogen in the body, which starts the menstrual cycle early. Apart from this, you can consume pomegranate juice.


Turmeric has a warming effect, which helps you to get your period early. For this, add a pinch of turmeric in boiling water and drink it regularly in the morning and evening for fifteen days before the scheduled time of the period.


Jaggery is one such food item which is easily found in every Indian kitchen. Jaggery is extremely hot, so it helps in premature menstruation. For this, you can consume jaggery with sesame, apart from this, drinking ginger juice and jaggery in a glass of water and drinking it on an empty stomach starts premature periods.

Necessary Information

If a woman continues to have problems with irregular periods or delayed periods, and even after these home remedies, the period does not start coming on time, then that woman should contact the female doctor as soon as possible.

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