April 21, 2024

Is walking enough for weight loss ?

Do you know any woman who is completely satisfied with her weight?

Probably not, even if you have tried very long and hard to find such a woman. But mostly everyone remains dissatisfied about their weight!

Although some women want to gain weight, but most of the women are troubled by their increased weight and keep making all efforts to reduce it. There are even some women who do not hold back from adopting crazy exercises and different types of diets to lose weight.

But does it really work, or doesn’t it? Most of them going through these things – the pain from exercising, more cravings than dieting… oh, and the gym bill explodes too. How can we forget this!

Well, as always, we have an easy way out of this problem and this method is cheap and fast and it also saves you from some side effects of exercise and diet. Plus, you won’t even feel like you’re in the process of losing weight while you’re at it!

Wouldn’t you like to know?

Yes, the simple answer to this is walking!

Best exercise is walking

Long considered a great workout, walking is one of the easiest exercises to do. Best of all, it doesn’t even cost you anything, in fact, it helps you save money in the form of fuel.

But the question is,

How much walking is necessary for you in a day to lose weight? Or in other words, how many steps should you take to get the weight you want?

Let’s find out!

Go your own way to fitness

When you walk, you burn a significant number of calories, which helps in losing weight. However, how many calories you expend when you go for a walk depends on two factors-

  • Your current weight
  • The part you cover

It will be easier to explain this with the help of accurate figures.

So, for example, if you walk for an hour a day, you burn about 300 to 400 calories depending on your speed. This means that if you walk about 3.5 miles an hour, you burn 300 calories. But if you walk 4 miles an hour, you can burn 400 calories.

To break it down, you need to take about 2000 steps to burn 100 calories, which is roughly the equivalent of walking a mile. It means you need to walk about 8000 steps to complete 4 miles and to burn 400 calories

If You burn 500 calories per day walking at a rate of 5 mph per day. To do this, you have to walk 10,000 steps every day.

Now, that’s something you’re doing right, isn’t it? Yes U Can! You just need to change your habits.

So, Now you should decide that how much calories you want to burn per day according to your weight preference and how much you need to walk.

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