April 21, 2024

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Walnut is the compound form of seed and fruit which is a type of dry fruit. A one-day scientific and research conference was hosted by the California Walnut Commission (CWC) to know the role of walnuts for the prevention and health of various diseases by consuming walnuts, in which they found that a handful of walnuts contained 4 grams of protein, 2 The amount of magnesium is found in grams of fiber and 10 percent of DV.


Apart from this, nutrients like calories, fat, potassium, carbohydrates, sugar are also found in walnuts. Walnut study found that walnut is the only such fruit. Rich in plant-based omega-3 and alpha-linolenic acid

Where is walnut cultivated?

Walnut cultivation is done in countries like Italy, Spain, Germany and France etc. And talk of India, walnut is cultivated here in snowy hills like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Arunachal Pradesh, Kupwara of Kashmir, Uri, Dras and Poonch.

What is a walnut tree like?

There are mainly two types of walnut tree, first wild walnut, second agricultural nut. The height of the wild walnut tree is about 100 to 200 feet and the height of these types of trees is about 40 to 90 feet.

The right way to eat walnuts – Soaking walnuts overnight, before eating in the morning, that is, consuming walnuts on an empty stomach is very beneficial. You can also consume soaked walnuts before sleeping at night and get rid of sleep problems.

Apart from this, boil 15 grams of walnuts in milk, add powdered sugar candy and 2-3 saffron leaves, let it be lukewarm after boiling and drink it after a while, its mixture would be very beneficial for health, which helps to fight against various diseases. provides capability. Walnuts are hot in nature and if you want to consume it, then consume it according to health in summer.

Benefits of eating Walnuts

1) Benefits of eating walnuts empty stomach

Eating soaked walnuts on an empty stomach in the morning is as beneficial as eating almonds. Soak 2 or 3 walnuts at night before sleeping and eat it on an empty stomach in the morning. Since eating soaked walnuts is more beneficial than dried walnuts, therefore walnuts should be eaten mostly soaked. Consuming walnuts on an empty stomach daily can get rid of diseases like diabetes, weak digestive power, bone-related diseases, stress, weight loss, heart-related diseases, etc.

2) Walnut benefits for men

Benefits of Walnuts for Men – Decreased sperm count is a problem found in men which can be seen in almost all men around the world, this problem can be overcome by the consumption of walnuts. Consuming a handful of walnuts daily can increase the sperm count in men and improve the vitality, motility and general shape of men.

3) Benefits of eating walnuts during pregnancy

Walnut consumption is very beneficial during pregnancy because the vitamin B complex found in it is very beneficial for the baby. Protein is found in walnuts, due to which the pregnant woman gets proper amount of protein.

4) Benefits of eating soaked walnuts

Eating soaked walnuts is more beneficial than dried walnuts because it is believed that soaked walnuts are more nutritious. By eating walnuts soaked, it provides the ability to fight diseases like diabetes and blood sugar. Apart from this, eating walnuts soaked in the night on an empty stomach in the morning provides memory power, strength of heart and mind as well as physical strength.

5) Provides immunity

Walnuts are used in making cakes, with milk and raisins etc., raw, roasted, soaked etc. Nutrients like antioxidants, protein, fiber, fat, potassium, etc. are found in walnuts, and by consuming it, the body provides immunity, which can also protect against deadly diseases like cancer.

6) Benefits of eating walnuts and almonds together

Walnuts and almonds are both very good dry fruits, the nutrients from which not only provide energy to the body but also provide the ability to fight against various diseases. By eating walnuts and almonds together, they provide nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber, fat etc. to the body, which help in keeping the body healthy both mentally and physically.

So all these are some wonderful benefits of eating walnuts. I hope you have get an useful information from this article.

Thanks for reading this article.

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