April 21, 2024

Green Tea: Health benefits, Side effects and Right time to drink green tea

Almost everyone drinks tea. But have you ever heard of green tea? Although drinking green tea started from the country of China, but now due to its medicinal properties, green tea is popular all over the world. Green tea is a type of tea that is rich in antibacterial properties. It proves to be very beneficial for both health and skin.



Due to the low amount of caffeine, the disadvantages of this tea are less and the benefits are more, due to which everyone now prefers green tea instead of normal tea. If you have not heard about green tea, then know some benefits of consuming this tea.

1) Green Tea for Diabetes

Green tea is very beneficial for diabetic patients. Plenty of polyphenols are found in it, which protect them from heart disease in diabetic patients. Green tea or green tea has antibacterial properties. It is beneficial in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol. According to scientists, the level of blood sugar can be reduced by consuming green tea daily.

2) Green Tea for Weight Loss

Everyone wants to look fit but they cannot lose weight. If you are also troubled by increasing weight and want to control your weight, then definitely try green tea once. Green tea has zero calories and also contains catechins, a phenolic compound found in tea. It helps in reducing the effect of insulin in the body, due to which weight loss also happens easily.

3) Green tea for skin

Green tea is not only good for the digestive tract, but it also has some healing properties that are also very beneficial for the skin. Along with being anti-inflammatory, green tea is also rich in anti-oxidants which protect the skin from sun damage and aging and give glow to the skin. Drinking green tea not only brings glow on the face but you can also apply it on your face. Green tea is very beneficial for removing dark circles.

4) Green tea for immunity

Consuming green tea reduces the risk of any type of infection in the body. Consuming green tea daily increases the body’s immunity, which proves beneficial in strengthening the immune system. Matcha is a type of green tea which is rich in iron, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C and calcium, which are beneficial in strengthening immunity.

5) Green Tea for Mental Health

Green tea is beneficial for healthy brain. According to the evidence found by scientists, it has come to the fore that green tea helps in reducing stress, increasing concentration and communicating positive thinking in the brain. People who consume green tea daily have less mental problems like depression and anxiety.


The best time to drink green tea is in the morning. But keep it in mind that never drink tea empty stomach in the morning. Caffeine is present in green tea and drinking it on an empty stomach can cause problems in your stomach. If you want to lose weight, then you should consume green tea after eating food. Doing this will be beneficial in fat loss.

Since it is also beneficial for the skin, so if you want, you can get glowing skin by including green tea steam for face in your weekly skin care routine.


  • Avoid taking green tea first thing in the morning and do not take it before breakfast.
  • Drink green tea one hour after breakfast and lunch.
  • Do not drink green tea late at night as the caffeine contained in it can cause insomnia.
  • It is said to drink green tea at least half an hour before exercise. It has been found that green tea improves your performance levels and boosts your stamina.


Green tea is safe when consumed in moderation, but excessive consumption can cause many side effects, so let’s know what are the disadvantages and side effects of green tea :

  • Green tea contains caffeine which is one of its main constituents. Symptoms such as insomnia and restlessness have been observed in people who have used the tea for a long time.
  • In some cases, liver damage has been found from excessive consumption of green tea. However, in a report published by the US Pharmacopeia, it was mentioned that green tea extract is only toxic when taken on an empty stomach and some other recent research suggests that green tea is not toxic to the liver at all. Therefore, there is a lot of conflicting information. But, if you already have a weak liver, it is better to consult your doctor before consuming green tea.
  • Green tea is known to interfere with the action of certain medical drugs and herbal remedies. So, if you are already on a prescribed medication, it is advisable for you to talk to your doctor before taking green tea.
  • If you are anemic, it is better not to drink green tea as it reduces the absorption of iron from food.
  • Green tea is known to lower the blood sugar level in the body. So, people with diabetes on prescribed anti-diabetic medications should refer their physician to determine the appropriate dosage of green tea for you.
  • Consuming more than 2 cups of green tea flushes out calcium from your body and thus leads to weak bones. Therefore, it is advisable to take green tea in moderation.
  • While green tea is not considered unsafe during pregnancy, it is still a good source of caffeine and should be consumed in moderation. Therefore, if you are pregnant, it is advisable to talk to your doctor to know the right dosage of green tea for you.
  • Green tea is rich in caffeine, so it is better not to give it to children.

Hope you have liked this article about the advantages and disadvantages of green tea, if you also know about the advantages and disadvantages of green tea. .

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